Comstock Cancels on Fox News

Date: Aug 25, 2017
Length: 2:08
Source: Fox News

Discussion of VA-10 race that contained interviews from Shak Hill and Kimberly Adams. Comstock had agreed to be interviewed but then cancelled.

  • "In the final days of the campaign she said that she though President Trump was vile and should drop out of the race." [0:18]
  • "Comstock doesn't just have to look to the left for her challengers, she's got to look to her right as well." [0:44]
  • "Her NO vote on the Republican Obamacare vote in the House was interpreted by some here as a betrayal, so now there's one Republican trying to get her off the ballot." [0:50]
  • "We did try to interview Congresswoman Comstock for this piece today - and we had one scheduled - but her office cancelled on us earlier in the week." [1:53]