Comstock Says Constituent Questions are Harassment

Date: Jun 01, 2017
Length: 1:30
Source: Dump Comstock

Dump Comstock catches up with Barbara Comstock at Lovettsville May Fest. She tells her constituent that town halls aren't needed because she's out talking to people but she sure doesn't look comfortable answering questions. She even complains that she is being harassed!

  • "I have personally talked to Mark Warner about this so if you have questions about the ongoing investigation, you can talk to Senator Warner." [0:29]
  • "I'm confident the investigation will be done by those two parties, and that they will be done thoroughly and you should have confidence in it. If you don't, talk to your senators." [0:37]
  • "You can come in and visit the office" [0:50]
  • "Look we're visiting with constituents all the time, that's what we're doing here today" [1:00]
  • "We're talking to people instead of ... you know ... being harassed." [1:08]