Comstock Town Hall Controversy (Fox 5)

Date: May 17, 2017
Length: 3:10
Source: Fox 5

Fox 5 DC covers a protest outside of a Comstock fundraiser in DC. Reporter interviews three different protestors and the anchor again invites Comstock onto the show to defend herself.

  • "But she is holding a fundraiser right now, but she won't apparently talk to voters." [0:15]
  • "We've given the congresswoman many invites to show up here on Fox @ 6:30. We'd love to talk to her ... nothing yet. Have you seen her yet tonight?" [0:20]
  • "We think that Barbara Comstock is inside at a GOP fundraiser." [2:43]
  • "Representative Comstock, we have open chairs here at 5 @ 6:30. You paid millions of dollars to win that seat. You and LuAnn Bennett put a lot of money out. We're giving you free opportunity for time here at Fox 5." [2:50]
  • "Your constituents want to hear from you, you serve the people. We want to hear from you." [2:59]