Independent Women's Forum: Clinton Investigation

Date: Sep 29, 1998
Length: 1:16:29
Source: C-SPAN

Barbara Comstock explains why the offenses President Clinton committed were impeachable. IWF member Gaull Silberman says some crazy stuff about Anita Hill before introducing Comstock.

  • Gaull Silberman reminds everyone that IWF was founded to discredit Anita Hill [1:19]
  • "We listened to the spin of those days, the litany that women are victims and men just don't get it and decided that those woebegone women did not speak for us. [Gaull Silberman]" [1:42]
  • "That's not what [Anita Hill] said in 1991. In fact she specifically denied that she was accusing Thomas of sexual harassment. That was before she transmogrophied an unubstantiated charge of inapporpirate talk in the workplace into a sexual harassment jihad. [Gaull Silberman]" [3:10]
  • "It's nice to be here with my fellow IWF members" [6:20]
  • "My investigation doesn't have any blue dresses - I don't have any DNA" [7:00]
  • Claims the impeachment process is not about partisanship [7:20]
  • Downplays impeachment process ("it's only an inquiry") [7:37]
  • "What this is really about is the rule of law ... It's about whether the President follows the rule of law and whether or not he will be held accountable if he has not done so." [7:53]
  • "It's about Perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering. These are felonies. These are also impeachable offenses." [8:12]
  • "When you hear members and people on TV saying this isn't high crimes or treason, that's not the test here." [8:27]
  • "What we have had is eight months of lying and we can't allow that ... it was on your tax dollars." [8:46]
  • "Your government and it's employees were also involved in this cover up." [9:10]
  • "No other citizen can go out and claim attorney-client privilege over government attorneys ... You can't claim privilege of conversations you have had with a co-worker." [9:21]
  • "Barbara Olson and I have worked on a number of them, we did Travelgate, then we did Filegate, we had the campaign finance investigation ... " [10:14]
  • "You have a pattern of delay, deny, distract and then attack the people who are investigating. " [10:25]
  • "They even attacked FBI director Louis Freeh when he called for an independent counsel on the campaign finance investigation - their own FBI director." [10:56]
  • "Of course we've seen the attacks on Judge Starr and the independent counsel incessantly." [11:03]
  • "You don't have exceptions for lying on certain topics" [14:25]
  • "Just because the truth might have been incriminating or embarassing, you don't get to have a pass on perjury" [15:31]
  • "The attacks on Gennifer Flowers were vicious and vile" [46:29]
  • "We have government attorneys working to ruin the life of a little girl ... that's very troubling. I would hope that feminists would maybe wake up to that one of these days." [47:12]
  • "We do depositions every week, every month in these other investigations and we're in a situation where we're like can we believe what we are hearing?" [54:58]
  • "I can't be in a situation where when I'm doing a deposition where I have to discuss what does the word 'is' mean and what does the word 'alone' mean." [55:10]
  • "It probably won't be pretty and if you go back and look at Watergate it was not this big bi-partisan love fest that you hear about now. It wasn't bipartisan really until the end." [56:5]
  • "It was very partisan and bickering throughout the process. The public was not with the Watergate committee until the very end. You had polls that respected Nixon right up to the last month or so. So I do think Congress is going to do it's job." [56:29]
  • "I have two sons that are 15 and 13 ... and you're right it is ugly. And the way the boys react to this they need to see that this is not just going to be a boys will be boys kind of thing. You've got to ... some responsible action needs to be taken." [1:03:06]