Voters demand Comstock reveal her replacement plan

Voters demand Comstock reveal her replacement plan

A large group of VA-10 residents confronted Barbara Comstock at her office on Wednesday. Comstock is a long time opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While running for Congress she lied to the people of Virginia and claimed that “millions of Virginians” lost coverage because of the ACA. As usual with Comstock, the real story is quite the opposite. The Kaiser Family Foundation has estimated that 40,100 people enrolled in Obamacare in her district alone!

Once again, Barbara Comstock is getting ready to vote against the interests of her district. She has already voted alongside Republicans to completely repeal the ACA without any plan for replacement. Virginians are understandably concerned now that she and Paul Ryan have Trump to rubber stamp their extreme agenda.

Comstock is in a very tenuous position here. On the one hand, the ACA is incredibly popular with her constituents. On the other hand, she is a rabid conservative who takes her marching orders from Paul Ryan. No wonder she was only wiling to meet with her constituents in a secret off the record meeting!

While the meeting was off the record it was clear from the reporting in Loudon Now that Comstock still has no plan to replace the ACA. After several families poured their hearts out telling one story after the next about their struggles before the ACA … they were handed a prepared statement.

“There were no answers,” said Kristen Swanson, another group organizer.

“No details, no policies, no plan, no evidence of any plan. And that’s because there is no plan.”

Well it doesn’t look like the good people of the VA-10 are going to take this lying down. Many of the people attending the meeting with Comstock were from a newly formed group called Indivisible Lovettsville 20180. On November 6, 2018 the hard working families of Virginia are going to remember that piece of paper - along with all of the other empty promises you’ve made to them.

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