We are All Wexton Warriors Now

We are All Wexton Warriors Now

She is a Fighter

Jennifer Wexton is a former prosecutor. Her State Senate bio is littered with examples of how she has fought for everyday people like us.

She successfully prosecuted thousands of cases and conducted hundreds of trials, including the prosecution of criminals who committed domestic violence or sexual offenses.

When she wasn’t fighting for victims of violent crime she was fighting for the marginalized members of society. She received an award for defending the rights of neglected children and the mentally ill.

She also knows how to throw a good punch. In her 2014 State Senate race she ran a tough television ad that caused the Virginia GOP to howl in protest (so you know it was effective.) Not only did she refuse to stop running the ad, but her campaign doubled down on the attack in their comments to the Washington Post.

Jennifer is willing to take the morally correct stance and she fights hard for what she believes in. In the Virginia State Senate she was outnumbered by her Republican colleagues - Nevertheless she persisted.

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She is Strong on Gun Safety

In the Virginia State Senate she has championed bills that would:

  • Establish universal background checks and close the gun show loophole
  • Ban bumpstocks
  • Mandate the reporting of lost or stolen firearms
  • Keep firearms out of the hands of domestic abusers and convincted stalkers

She is a Moms Demand Gun Sense Distinction Candidate and was the only primary candidate to be endorsed by the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

Just today she was in Fairfax, VA talking with protesters outside of NRA Headquarters.

She Has Marched With Us

Voters were energized by the Women’s March and flocked to organizations like Indivisible and Swing Left to turn their energy into political action. People are going to fight that much harder for someone they know was with them at the beginning.

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She Opposed the Muslim Ban at Dulles

While Barbara Comstock was cowering in her office, Jennifer Wexton was at Dulles Airport with Governor McAuliffe, Senator Kaine and Senator Warner.

She is Addressing the Opioid Crisis

She actually listens to her constituents and is not afraid to hold town halls. What’s even better is that she then takes those concerns and addresses them with meaningful legislation.

She Holds Town Halls

You want town halls? Jennifer Wexton has held so many town halls that we’ve lost track of the count.

She is Effective

She is the Democratic Whip in the State Senate. She sponsored several bills and managed to get many of them passed through the legislature when it was dominated by Republicans, including a bill that allows “revenge porn” victims to sue in civil court. After the Democratic wave in 2017 she voted to expand Medicaid to 400,000 low income Virginians (something that Barbara Comstock had previously voted against)

She is a Winner

As a prosecutor Wexton had a strong record winning cases. In 2014 she won a tough special election to replace Mark Herring when he became Virginia’s Attorney General. She demonstrated her widespread appeal by winning 44 out of 47 precincts in her district (including 10 out 10 precincts in Fairfax County). She went on to win re-election in 2015, while raising an impressive $1.4 million. The bottom line is that she’s a fighter and knows how to win. Running a successful State Senate race (twice) is the closest thing to prepare you for a tough Congressional race.

She Needs Your Help

Primaries are expensive and Comstock has a huge war chest. She needs to build a district wide campaign as soon as possible. We need everyone to make an immediate donation to her campaign. We cannot take back Congress without this seat and we have exactly 145 days in which to do it.

Support VA-10 Nominee Jennifer Wexton

Primaries are expensive and defeating Barbara Comstock won't be cheap

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