Meet Barbara Comstock

Comstock Do Your Job billboard

She is a coward

Comstock with Trump in Oval Office

She is a hypocrite

  • Comstock once missed two votes to get her picture taken with Trump even though she had called him “vile” and “disgusting” four months earlier.
  • She was obsessed with investigations until it was Trump’s turn to be investigated.
  • Comstock pretends to be a friend to muslims but did nothing when they were being detained at Dulles airport (which is in her district.)
  • She says she wants to see Trump’s tax returns but she keeps voting to keep them secret.
  • Comstock says she is concerned about hate crime but has no problem with a white nationalist in the White House.

Comstock with Trump in Oval Office

She is a fake

Comstock photo op in front of gas station

She is obsessed with photo ops

  • Comstock posts multiple new photos of herself each day on social media.
  • She once spent an entire Congressional recess taking pictures of herself in Egypt and other countries that she’s always wanted to visit.
  • Many of Comstock’s photo ops cost hundreds of dollars to attend.

Comstock photo with smiling Trump in Oval office

She is enabling Trump

  • Comstock allowed herself to be used as a prop (on multiple occasions) in order to advance her own career.
  • She has consistently voted in support of the Trump agenda.
  • Comstock has refused to criticize Trump since he became President.
  • She did nothing while muslims were being detained at the airport in her own district.

Barbara Comstock sitting with Newt Gingrich

She is a hyper-partisan

Barbara Comstock with Newt Gingrich

She is not a moderate